Do you have a Happiness Guarantee in case I am dissatisfied?

Well Me Right Purchase Protection: Book Confidently on Well Me Right

Yes! We've got you covered. Find value in your first expert session or get your money back. We're confident that you'll love your first session, but in the rare case that it did not meet your expectations, let us know and we'll get give you a full refund subject to our terms of service. Experts will do their best to satisfy your expectations with your first session on the platform. If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied with your engagement contact our member services team.

Members will receive a full refund for bookings that don't meet their satisfaction. We believe you should get what was offered or receive your money back. 

For Experts, we want to make booking seamless and worry-free, especially when something happens outside of their control. For situations where the Expert was deemed to have fulfilled their offered services as advertised, we will cover this at no additional cost to the Expert. This is one of the many investments we make to support our Well Me Right community.

See our Terms of Service for more information on our refund policies and procedures. 

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